A deflationary gang of 4420 Smoke Heads
in route to become 1473 Enlightened Legendaries.
Powered by $WPUFF we create our own rules!
Nobody can stop us as we light the floor on fire, smoke on the roof,
vibing and getting high all the way to the moon!


Born from a desire to be better.

Smoke Heads is a collection of 4420 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Our artwork evolves as our holders stake and level up in enlightenment, eventually reaching ENLIGHTENED LEGENDARY status where each NFT is a unique 1/1 hand made piece.

Stake and earn $wpuff.
Invest $wpuff to level up.
Level up and burn to purchase an ENLIGHTENED LEGENDARY.
LEGENDARIES will be dropped weekly, limited supply.
Deflating the collection to 1473 unique one of a kind pieces.
Enjoy LEGENDARY perks.



Our wonderpuff token has wonderpuff utility:
_ Level up and reach Enlightened Legendary status
_ Trade it on FFF for liquidity
_ Buy merch, raffle tickets, and participate in auctions
_ Buy WL tokens for upcoming drops
_ Add traits to Enlightened Legendaries
_ Boost Auction Promotions

Sick and tired of the daily grind. Lost and anxious...
what is my purpose? what am I good at? what am I good for?...
thoughts creeping into feelings...
feelings sinking deeper and deeper into despair.
Until one day, one magical puff, one powerful strain that made it all clear.
I am stuck, I need to break this fucking routine...
I need to revert the momentum... fight the inertia...
I need to improve myself from within... to become better... to be better... to level up.
I need to get my shit together and become an enlightened being.
The power is within me, the willingness drives the actions, the actions get the results...
the results pump the esteem... and with self-esteem I can become UNSTOPPABLE.
Let me seek betterment, let me seek enlightenment...
let me become who I want/wish/need to become.